Product For Oilfield Service Companies

Hycon provides a very wild range of products, developing a strong hold in the industry we provide different tool specified to suit our customers satisfaction to enable a swift process in every aspect or any field.
Hycon is developing and acquiring more on make verities of product for oilfield companies make it, we are making it more of an revolution to involve on the basic need on oilfield company.With the help of our able team we have put together large range of product that helps acquire swift and fast productivties in every section on oilfiled with our wild range product .

Our COLT system has been designed specifically for re-entry and thru-tubing drilling applications for hole sizes between 3-5/8" and 4-3/4" that can be used with single and multi-phase drilling fluid. The Bottom Hole Assembly is powered electrically on heptacable and is magnetically steered. It also has the unique capability of gyro orientation for casing exits avoiding the need to drill blindly near casing.

COLT is the shortest CTD BHA on the market providing safer and easier deployment and increased Weight-On-Bit for maximum lateral reach. It is designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions that occur when drilling in underbalanced conditions and is equipped with a complete suite of sensors for instant feedback of downhole drilling conditions. This real-time feedback combined with an electric orienter that rotates continuously, gives precise control when navigating complex reservoirs and allowing build and straight sections to be drilled in the same run. By drilling a straight hole we can drill further with more weight-on-bit.

The COLT family of tools includes the supporting tools required to orient and set whipstocks and then monitor the performance of the milling run for cutting the casing window.

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